Vietnam's Eastern International University and Japan's Asia University signed MOU on cooperation

NewsSeptember 09, 2022

On the morning of September 9, 2022, an MOU signing ceremony was held between Becamex IDC's Eastern International University (EIU) in Binh Duong and Japan's TOKYU Group's Asia University. The MOU was formed for the 2 universities to cooperate in developing and promoting educational activities for the schools' teachers, experts, and students, as well as to contribute to the region and community.

Participants from Asia University include Mr. Masao Tomoe - Chairman of the Board of Directors of Asia University-Tokyu Corporation's board member, as well as other council members from Asia University; from Becamex Tokyu, Mr. Oh Dong Kun - General Director, and other company executives; among EIU's representatives were Mr. Dang Minh Hung, Honorary Chairman of EIU Council and former Vice Chairman of Binh Duong province, EIU President Dr. Nguyen Van Phuc, together with EIU leaders and faculties.

At the signing ceremony, the two partners agreed on strategic cooperation in upcoming activities including training, studying, cultural exchange for students, as well as opportunities for lecturers and specialists to exchange education methods, technology application and transfer, etc. which are expected to bring the two university practical benefits, and to strengthen the partnership connection between Becamex IDC and TOKYU Corporation.

Addressing the event, Mr. Dang Minh Hung stated that over the past 10 years of operation, EIU has built up a comprehensive ecosystem to fulfill the common mission of a university and the tasks set by Becamex IDC, and played a key role in the development of the Binh Duong Smart City and Innovation Zone project. In addition to opportunities for training cooperation, scientific research and cultural exchange, cooperation with educational institutions from other countries enhances the experience offered by EIU of an international working and studying environment.

Ms. Yuko Ito, Vice President of Asia University and head of Asia University's International Exchange Program, expected that the MOU will make substantial contributions to both partners’ future developments. Ms. Ito highly appreciated the knowledge, skills, as well as attitudes in study of Vietnamese students abroad, and hoped to see the two institutes exchange more students and lecturers to contribute to training high-quality human resources, bringing mutual practical values in line with the partners' goals and strategies.

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