Garden in the City

TopicsSeptember 26, 2023

There is a small and beautiful vegetable garden, just like the one at your home, located in the city center. When you visit the Community Garden, you will experience a cool and green space with various fresh and organic vegetables, free from pesticides and growth stimulants, all grown by the hands of TOKYU Garden City's residents.
Located at SORA gardens Links, Huynh Thuc Khang Street, Hoa Phu ward (behind SORA gardens I).

Recently, the Community Garden organized a meaningful and memorable activity for the students of the Kawasaki Frontale Football school. The children had direct contact with nature, instilling in them a deep appreciation for the value of the environment. The little ones experienced a day as farmers, digging the soil, planting seeds, and growing vegetables.

Every day, the "little farmers" would water their vegetable beds with their own hands and eagerly await the harvest day.
The residents have also harvested their first baskets of fresh vegetables to take home."

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SORA gardens I building, Lot C18, Hung Vuong Boulevard,
Hoa Phu ward, Thu Dau Mot city, Binh Duong Province, Viet Nam


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