BECAMEX TOKYU and AEON Vetnam celebrate a tree planting ceremony   “Hometown Forest” at SORA gardens SC  

NewsJuly 07, 2023

BECAMEX TOKYU Co., Ltd. and AEON Vietnam Co., Ltd. host a Tree Planting ceremony with the concept “Hometown Forest” at SORA gardens SC (Shopping Center) in Binh Duong New City on July 7th, 2023. This is considered an event to welcome SORA gardens SC (Shopping Center) and AEON Binh Duong New City “Super Supermarket, hereinafter referred to as SSM” concept (the strategy partnership) to the official opening expected at the end of July 2023. It is also a special activity on the 50th Anniversary of Diplomatic Relations between Vietnam and Japan.  

The Tree Planting Ceremony “Hometown Forest” welcomes more than 300 participants including leaders of government departments and authorities of Vietnam and Japan, as well as leaders and members of BECAMEX TOKYU and AEON Vietnam, and especially local people.  

The Tree Planting Ceremony “Hometown Forest” is considered a bridge between BECAMEX TOKYU, AEON Vietnam and the local communities in which we are located; so, to join hands with local people to create a sustainable future. This is also a traditional activity of AEON under the pillar of Environmentally Sustainable Development and is the first greeting that AEON sends to local people before opening a new shopping center.  

At the ceremony, participants plant more than 1340 trees from 25 variety of plants from woods to shrubs and flowers, which are carefully selected to be equivalent with local ground. The event not only aims at the goal of joining hands to build a fresh living space and green landscapes for now and in the future; but also contributes to promoting and preserving the biodiversity of the living environment in the New City, from which local people can enjoy when visiting and shopping at SORA gardens SC.  

Moreover, the ceremony is also a chance for participants to increase their connection with each other through activities at the event, especially families and children can see the tree they planted growing day by day and being fresher along with the development of the city. From that, creating love and raising awareness about the importance of environmental protection, toward a more beautiful future.   

Besides, the appearance of SORA gardens SC, the first shopping center in Binh Duong New City, with the concept “Coloring your life”, and strategic partner AEON Binh Duong NEW City Super Supermarket which also launch new platform “Super Supermarket” (short for SSM) in the area of 5.000 m2, will be the premier destination which consists of shopping space, and diverse entertainment services, etc. This project will attract residents from all over to Binh Duong New City and elevate the city’s status as a true live-work-play destination.  

SORA gardens SC and AEON Super Supermarket is planned to open at the end of July, 2023.  

ABOUT SORA gardens SC  

SORA gardens SC is the first shopping center in Binh Duong New City, located in Hung Vuong Street - gateway of the city. Shopping center has a total area for rent is nearly 15000m2. With complex of shopping including SSM, restaurants, cafes, entertainment, and services. SORA gardens SC is an ideal place for family. Besides, bringing the concept “Coloring your life”, Shopping center will frequently organize events to give some new and interesting experiences to everyone when coming to SORA gardens SC and Binh Duong New City, elevating the city to become the best place for living, working and playing.   


Aiming to optimize convenience and comfort, which customers prioritize atter the Covid-19 pandemic, AEON Vietnam continues to accelerate strategies in diversifying retail formats that are flexible in scale, and suitable to the demands and actual condition of the region. In 2022, AEON Vietnam launched a SSM format – a concept that is not located in AEON shopping malls but in partners’ shopping centers or buildings in residential and urban areas. AEON SSM, with an area of 1,000 - 5,000m2, not only meets the needs of “Close and Convenient" of the urban residents, but also provides quality products, services and shopping experiences with "AEON standard".   

Following the success of AEON The Nine – the very first SSM opened in Hanoi in 2022, AEON Vietnam continues to launch the AEON Binh Duong New City SSM in Binh Duong, marking the first milestone of this retail format in the South of Vietnam.  

AEON Binh Duong New City SSM is located on an area of 5000m2 within SORA gardens SC Shopping Center. The AEON SSM consists of 2 main areas: Delica food court and Supermarket, providing the diverse range of products and services with “AEON Standard” with reasonable price. It is hoped that the store will contribute to the acceration of lifestyle among local customers.   


BECAMEX TOKYU Co., Ltd (BECAMEX TOKYU) was established in March 2012, the joint venture between TOKYU Cooperation and BECAMEX IDC Corporation, both of which are big corporations based in Japan and Vietnam.   

BECAMEX TOKYU join in field of urbanization in Binh Duong New City with project TOKYU Garden City which occupies more than 110ha, covering fields such as Residential, Commercial, Hotel and Service Apartment, Office, Transportation, etc.  And aspire to be the best city in Vietnam for "living," "working," and "visiting."     

With “Always NEW!” is the keyword for the idea of urban development, we always experiment with cutting-edge innovations in the world and promote sustainable urban development. Based on more than 100 years of urban development experience in Japan, we not only develop residential and shopping areas, but also strive to continue to build a city with full functions based on the environmental factors of a city, including nature, education, cultural - entertainment, working, transportation, medical and ICT.  In this way, we will create a high-quality living environment, the opportunity to experience culture, a new way of life for local people and continue to develop sustainable urban from both physically and mentally.  

After 11 years of establishment and development, BECAMEX TOKYU has been contributing day by day to the change of the urban face of the New City with iconic projects, especially in the SORA gardens gateway area. SORA gardens I, SORA gardens II, SORA gardens Links complex and SORA gardens SC will not only meet the need of urbanizing facilities of residents in New city, but also create the trend that draws people from surrounding areas.  


Belonging to AEON Group - Japan's leading retailer, AEON Vietnam Co., Ltd. was officially established on October 7th, 2011, investing in various retail business fields such as:  

1. Shopping Mall (Shopping Centre, hereinafter referred to as “SC”)  

2. General Merchandise Store (hereinafter referred to as “GMS”)   

3. Specialty Store (hereinafter referred to as “SS”)  

4. AEON E-Shopping Page (E-Commerce, hereinafter referred to as “EC”)  

5. Supermarket (referred to as “SM”)  

With the vision of becoming an "Indispensable retail company in the Vietnamese market" through jointly creating shared values, we strive to constantly pursue the mission of "Enrich the customers’ lifestyles"; “Contributing to the socio-economic growth of Vietnam” for Sustainable Development Goals.  

Keeping up with the AEON basic principles of "Pursuing Peace, respecting humanity, and contributing to the local communities, always with the customers’ point of view as its core," the belief and desires of Customers are top priorities in all business of AEON Vietnam. We are constantly striving to innovate to create new values for our consumers and the community, offer high-quality products at reasonable prices, enhance the shopping experience and lifestyle of our customers.  

Contributing to the local community is part of AEON's basic principles, AEON Vietnam aims to support local community growth and act as good corporate citizens in serving society. In long-term, AEON Vietnam aims to create Shared Values with local communities, in which all Stakeholders support and utilize each other resources for a sustainably developed future. Since entering the Vietnamese market in 2009, AEON Vietnam has consistently pursued Sustainable Development initiatives based on three key pillars: (Planet) Environment Sustainability, People (Society) sustainability, and Profit (Economy) sustainability.   

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