Pizza 4p’s Hikari Binh Duong – The first "Zero Waste" restaurant in Vietnam officially opened

NewsSeptember 30, 2022

Pizza 4P's Hikari officially opened from September 30, and has been the first restaurant in Vietnam to pursue the "zero waste" operation. The brand itself is Hikari Area's expansion area's most important tenant, with the first engagements and discussions started back from a few years ago.

With 27 restaurants currently operated in Vietnam and Cambodia, not only is Pizza 4P's famous for its unique fusion dishes and service quality, but it also impresses its customers by the "artisticity" in the store design, as well as its sustainable operation business.

Following the success of the zero-waste concept applied in the Pizza 4P's Cambodia's, Pizza 4P’s Hikari Binh Duong is built with a commitment of becoming a zero-waste restaurant - a platform where our products, craftsmanship, people, culture and environment can harmonize. Striving to be ”zero waste”, they have spent years on end thinking deeply about the impact of food waste, excess packaging and single-use plastics since Sustainable development is one of the crucial factors to help them achieve their vision - and with Pizza 4P’s zero waste concept restaurant at Hikari, they try to find the most sustainable option possible for everything that they can interfere with.

One other thing that makes Pizza 4P's Hikari Binh Duong even more special is the warm dining space surrounded by plants, which brings the customers the feeling of living in sync with Mother nature; and the unique farm-to-table eating experience with an edible landscape model where people can enjoy the freshest veggies and fruits right at the place, and the mini garden in the middle of the restaurant

Pizza 4P's Hikari Binh Duong soon received endearment from the customers who come to enjoy the cozy meals in the chilly and airy atmosphere, as well as to exploring 4P’s eco-friendly solutions of the restaurant.


Pizza 4P's Hikari Binh Duong information:  

- Opening hours: 11:00 - 22:00   

- Address: Hikari Commercial Area, Ly Thai To St, Hoa Phu Ward, Thu Dau Mot City, Binh Duong (Google Maps: 

- Hotline: 0902 804 577 


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