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With JAPAN HOME, you will have the opportunity to self‑experience your dream home with Japanese virtual reality technology, based on various design styles, and immerse in the DIY living styles of renowned brands like Panasonic and MUJI.



The first “AUTHENTIC” JAPAN HOME in Binh Duong New City

JAPAN HOME is a model apartment developed by well‑known Japanese brands with extensive experience in construction, design, appliances, and furniture. These brands include Becamex Tokyu, NTT UD Asia, dghome (belongs to Mitsubishi Corporation), Panasonic, and MUJI. The aim is to provide authentic experiences of true Japanese lifestyle to the residents of Binh Duong. JAPAN HOME is located within the Hikari area in Binh Duong New City.

JAPAN HOME is inspired by the sustainable lifestyle of the Japanese people. With a compact area of only 43 square meters combined with innovative design, the space is optimized to create a feeling of openness and expansiveness, capturing natural light and airflow. Particularly, the interior of the apartment features neutral‑toned furniture, carefully arranged items to maximize storage space and equipped with modern technological appliances. All these elements contribute to a harmonious and comfortable atmosphere, providing a relaxing ambiance for the residents. Despite encompassing various aspects from Japan, the cost for this project is remarkably affordable!

Partners Introduction


Panasonic is a pioneering Japanese brand that provides comprehensive wellness solutions, aiming to create a healthy and convenient life for millions of Vietnamese families.

At JAPAN HOME in Binh Duong, customers can fully experience the home health solutions that Panasonic is developing. Customers are advised and can envision a future home equipped with household appliances that utilize modern technology, focusing on human‑centered design, all to offer customers a convenient and healthy living experience in their own homes. Additionally, Panasonic introduces a customer‑centric approach with the My Panasonic app, combined with warranty and repair services, always aiming to forge a deep connection and accompany customers on their journey to a healthier life.


MUJI - a Japanese retail brand well known for the simplicity, quality, and sustainability in its products.

At JAPAN HOME, MUJI offers a variety of household items and furniture that bring a clean and pleasant feeling, suitable for those seeking a simple lifestyle and enjoying designing their own living space.


JAPAN HOME is designed by dghome - a one‑stop digital platform that provides comprehensive values to the interior design and construction market. This platform is developed by MC Urban Development Vietnam Company Limited (a subsidiary of Mitsubishi Corporation, Japan). With original design templates, customisable packages and transparent price settings, dghome would like to solve customers’ pain points to realise your dream home.

JAPAN HOME fully demonstrates the Japanese style of simplicity, warmth and comfort. We hope to create a peaceful living space that makes you miss your home every day.

Nam Kim

Nam Kim is an interior construction company with many years of experience in executing projects featuring Japanese designs. This allows customers in Binh Duong to easily get in touch and benefit from reasonable construction prices tailored to Vietnamese customers.


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SORA gardens I building, Lot C18, Hung Vuong Boulevard,
Hoa Phu ward, Thu Dau Mot city, Binh Duong Province, Viet Nam