AboutTOKYU Garden City Project

Aiming to be the most
- Worth Living
- Worth Working
- Worth Visiting
City in Vietnam

BECAMEX TOKYU is engaged in urban development such as housing, commercial facilities, transportation, etc. in Binh Duong New City (about 1,000ha) in Binh Duong Province, of which our development site “TOKYU Garden City”. With the concept of the city”Always NEW!”, we are constantly taking on the challenge of advanced initiatives in Vietnam and promoting sustainable urban development.

AboutBinh Duong Province

Binh Duong is located in the center of the Southern Key Economic Zone (which is made up of 1 city and 7 provinces, including Ho Chi Minh City, Dong Nai, Ba Ria – Vung Tau, etc.), and adjacently north of Ho Chi Minh City, which boasts the largest population in Vietnam.

2,694.64 km2
About 2,568,589 people
GDP growth rate
6.78% (domestic average 2.91%)
*From Binh Duong Province website, 2020 Binh Duong Province Statistical Yearbook

In February 2014, the government relocated the province’s official departments from the capital of Thu Dau Mot City to Binh Duong New City as the new administrative center of the province.

The government of Binh Duong Province is a particularly active government in Vietnam in terms of economic development and attracting foreign investment, and although the entire economy was seriously affected by the epidemic of COVID-19 in 2020, the GDP growth rate of the province remained high. It maintained a relatively high level of 6.78%, which is 2.3 times higher than the domestic average.

Population and Real Estate Business in Binh Duong

In recent years, the population has been increasing at about 3 to 6% per year. Population growth leads to urbanization, and according to 2020 statistical data, it is also the province with the highest urbanization rate in the country with 82%. Meanwhile, according to the 2019 Population and Housing Census, the province has the highest net immigration rate in the country; among every five persons aged 5 years old and over in Binh Duong, there is one person from another province. In addition, also according to this survey, it had the highest rate of migrants renting or borrowing houses in the country.

Therefore, it is an area where the demand for real estate businesses, including housing, is expected to expand due to the development of urbanization caused by the growth in population and the increase in number of households.

Overview of Binh Duong New City

Conveniently located in the center of the province, Binh Duong New City utilizes its geographical advantage and it is also expected that the gate function will be strengthened for multifaceted exchanges such as trading activities, service activities, and transfer of cutting-edge technology.

Center of Binh Duong New City

Binh Duong Province related facilities, offices of companies and organizations are gathered, and it is developing into a new business area.
In 2019, Binh Duong Province and our joint venture partner BECAMEX IDC CORP have also announced the construction of the World Trade Center.

    1. Eastern International University (EIU)
    2. Town house
    3. Golden Town
    4. Mapletree Industrial Park
    5. Becamex Urban Development (UDJ)
    6. Singapore International School (SIS)
    7. Becamex IDC Corporation
    8. Binh Duong Urban Clinic
    9. Sports center
    10. Integrated Binh Duong Provincial Administration Center
    11. Shop house
    12. Ngo Thoi Nhiem Elementary, Middle and High School
    13. Ngo Thoi Nhiem Kindergarten
    14. Thien Hau Pagoda
    15. Hoi An Pagoda
    16. Nguyen Khuyen school
    17. Viet Hoa International School (VHIS)
    18. TDC PLAZA
    19. AROMA
    21. LAKE VIEW
Main facilities to be developed in the future
  • Planned development site
  1. State Bank of Vietnam in Binh Duong
  2. State Treasury of Binh Duong
  3. Binh Duong Tax Department
  4. People’s Court of Binh Duong
  5. Vietnam Foreign Trade Bank (Vietcombank) Building
  6. Taiwan Enterprise Building
  7. People’s Procuracy of Binh Duong
  8. Statistics Office of Binh Duong
  9. Binh Duong Customs

Overview ofTOKYU Garden City

Project name
TOKYU Garden City
Block area
About 110ha
Site area
About 71ha
Binh Duong New City, Binh Duong Province
$1.2 billion USD
Construction started
March 2012

In Binh Duong New City - a total area of about 1,000ha where the departments and authority offices of Binh Duong Province have moved into, we are planning to develope total of 7,500 housing, commercial facilities, business facilities, etc. for a block area of about 110ha (site area of about 71ha).

The project site is located about 30km north of Ho Chi Minh City center, about 10km from Thu Dau Mot City of Binh Duong Province, and near the famous tourist atrraction of Dai Nam Van Hien Park in southern Vietnam.

Providing an advanced and sustainable lifestyle

By working on various measures to improve the attractiveness of New city, we will develop the city from a medium- to long-term perspective and promote the creation of an environment that makes people feel that they want to live in Binh Duong New City.

Three areas ofTOKYU Garden City

TOKYU Garden City divides the development area into three major areas (SORA gardens, Hikari, MIDORI PARK).
Here, we will introduce the features of each area.

The symbol area of TOKYU Garden City

The concept of SORA gardens is to implement a luxurious living comfort that makes residents feel like living in the sky. Residents can enjoy the magnificent gardens space inside the building and even the lush views of Binh Duong New City. High-quality services and management that incorporate Japanese ideas are also planned, and living here at SORA gardens will allow residents to enjoy variety of conveniences.

SORA gardens

A multi-purpose area that gives the customers quality enjoyable time and many other new things

The commercial facility “Hikari” was opened in Binh Duong New City in January 2015. Hikari means “Light” in Japanese, and the circular food court in the center of the facility resembles the sun, shining all customers and staff with bright light, and warmly welcoming customers in a space full of smiles.


Aiming to be the best city to raise children in Vietnam

As the name “MIDORI PARK” - which means “Green park” in Japanese - aims to be a residential area surrounded by beautiful greenery, and the ratio of green space to the site area is 56%. We are also focusing on planting plans so that you can enjoy colorful flowers throughout the four seasons, and on the pedestrian-only green road, you can feel nature with peace of mind without worrying about vehicles.


Brand ofTOKYU Garden City

Binh Duong New City is the new center of politics, society, economy and culture in Binh Duong Province - the center of the major economic zone in southern Vietnam.
TOKYU Garden City was established in Binh Duong New City 10 years ago and is constantly growing together with the residents as a new township.

By living here, you can have a new life.
By working here, you can have a new working style.
By visiting here, you can experience new things.

And from here, a new generation will be born to fly to the world.

A city where everything is Always NEW.

TOKYU Garden City

Visual Identity

Thin and thick lines express “NEW” and “GROWTH” with minimal elements. A logotype consists of a combination of two basic elements (thick and thin lines).


BECAMEX TOKYU is a joint company between TOKYU CORPORATION of Japan and BECAMEX IDC CORP of Vietnam, which was established in March 2012, and has 244 employees as of June 2021.

In Vietnam’s new urban development, by utilizing the urban development know-how cultivated in “TOKYU Tama Denen City” and the network of the TOKYU Group, we challenged to export Japanese-style urban development packages for the first time as a Japanese company. We are developing the largest urban development in Vietnam.

As a core company of the Tokyu Group, TOKYU CORPORATION has been promoting business in various fields closely related to your daily life for many years, while placing “Urban development” based on the railway business as the basis of our business.

BECAMEX IDC CORP is a developer who has mainly developed industrial estates, residential areas, urban transportation infrastructure, etc. since its establishment in 1976, and is one of the pioneers in the field of urban development in Binh Duong Province.

SORA gardens I building, Lot C18, Hung Vuong Boulevard,
Hoa Phu ward, Thu Dau Mot city, Binh Duong Province, Viet Nam