Hikari Expansion has completed construction and is about to open from September 2022

NewsJune 09, 2022

In May 2022, the commercial project named Hikari Expansion of BECAMEX TOKYU Co., Ltd. completed construction and started handing over to tenants for construction.

Hikari Expansion is the second phase of Hikari commercial project of ​​​​TOKYU Garden City urban area in Binh Duong New City, located right behind the administrative center of Binh Duong province. The project has a total area of ​​18,500m2, designed by Takashi Niwa Architects, Concept built by Rice Creative and constructed by Hoa Binh Construction Group construction. 

Hikari Expansion has won the award "Future Architecture of 2021" voted by the prestigious organization of Ashui architecture. BECAMEX TOKYU Co., Ltd. has been established and has a history of 10 years of development and Hikari Expansion is the outstanding project marking the urban development in TOKYU Garden City in 10 years.

Hikari Expansion is not only a commercial establishment, but also a place for customers to think and practice sustainability, community, and quality from different perspectives, and propose new solutions - a new way of life for those who are living, working and visiting Binh Duong New City. In addition, Hikari Expansion also has an event space and water fountain area, BECAMEX TOKYU is planning to organize periodic events for customers.

The development concept of this project is "Made to Enlighten", with a unique space design surrounded by nature with many green patches and lakes, and harmonious lights.

In addition, the project also experimented with many sustainable development initiatives such as

  • “Compost” - Composting from kitchen waste of shops in the commercial area. 
  • Hydroponic model “Aquaponics” - Recirculation system for farming, growing hydroponic plants using nutrients from fish waste raised in the lake of the commercial area.
  • “Edible Landscape” -The crops in the commercial area will apply the concept of fruit trees according to the concept of "Edible Landscape".

Hikari Expansion has a scale of 1 to 2 floors with a total of 15 restaurants, especially with the presence of the favorite pizza brand throughout Vietnam, Pizza 4P's, and the international chain of coffee brands, Starbucks Coffee. 

Restaurants have been developing designs to match the general concept of the Hikari Expansion project mentioned above, in particular, Pizza 4P's plans to open a flagship store here with the concept of “Zero Waste” was first deployed in Vietnam.

Prominent brands at Hikari Expansion such as Pizza 4P's, Starbucks Coffee, Robata An Dining, Gong cha, Bep Nha Xu Quang,... are expected to open gradually from September this year.

Pizza 4P's

Coming to the expanded Hikari food court, Pizza 4P's will build its first restaurant in Vietnam under the model of "Zero Waste" and combined with the design theme "Forest in the Forest".

“Zero Waste” is simply understood as a “no waste” lifestyle, aiming to not create waste, or minimize the amount of waste released into the environment. Promote reuse and recycling activities to conserve natural resources, and contribute to reducing the amount of plastic pollution that is increasing globally.

Besides, combined with the "Made to Enlighten" concept at Hikari Grand Opening, the "Forest in Forest" concept of Pizza 4P's Binh Duong promises that it will not only a destination, a place to stop, but also a place to save memories, connect diners with a green living environment and giving people the truest values from nature.

Starbucks Coffee

Previously, Starbucks Coffee in Vietnam or around the world was styled with deep or neutral colors as the main. However, when it comes to Hikari Expansion, instead of still specializing in dark tones like Heritage style with wooden, concrete, ..; or Artisan-style with simple materials such as brick walls, exposed steel beams, Starbucks Coffee will try the concept of taking advantage of the green areas of the area.

The unique feature in the architecture of Starbucks in Hikari is the gently curving roof, taking the main idea from the waves in nature like waves spreading on the lake surface, like a gentle breeze flowing under the tree into the soft and flexible nature.

Gong cha

“Gong cha” in Chinese means to offer the best tea to the Emperor from all possessions. It represents the highest quality and self-expectation. 

Established in 2006, Gong cha has been appreciated by its customers, relying on good word of mouth and unique customized services originated in Taiwan. From then on, the story of Gong cha has widely spread, and Gong cha has become one of the best-known quality tea providers in the world. Nowadays, Gong cha has blossomed in more than 19 regions all over the world.

Gong cha in Hikari Expansion will have a completely different look compared to the previous stores. With cream white color and Japanese style as the main theme, the store space will create a feeling of luxury, modernity, lightness but equally delicate and “divine photography angles" that is expected to attract many young customers.

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