The 7th TOKYU Group Japan Festival 2024 "Colorful Japan"

TopicsMarch 17, 2024

On the past 2 weekend days, the 7th TOKYU Group Japan Festival 2024 was held at SORA gardens SC, attracting nearly 80,000 people visiting and having fun.

Coming to the 7th season with the theme "Colorful Japan", attendees have had moments and experiences immersing in the colorful cultural atmosphere of Japan, the cherry blossom-themed decorations resembling a Japanese spring, enjoying stage performances with music bands and artists from Japan and Vietnam, experiencing various game, activities, and Japanese street foods...

In particular, the festival brought the attendees to an animated world with the Meeting & Greet with famous animated characters like Doraemon or Conan, and a cosplay contest where young cosplayers turned themselves into animated characters and game figures.

First organized in 2016 and through 6 seasons with different concepts, the TOKYU Group Japan Festival is an annual event for the people of Binh Duong and visitors from neighboring areas to access diverse aspects and enjoy the atmosphere and activities of the festival, as well as tasty authentic Japanese and international dishes.

TOKYU Group and BECAMEX TOKYU Co., Ltd. would like to extend our sincerest gratitude to our partners, companions, and supporters. The participation of our valued partners has contributed significantly to the outstanding success beyond expectations of the festival, bringing even more colors and values. We also thank all the attendees for their support; although there were still some shortcomings, we hope that we brought you and your loved ones memorable moments together.

Check out more moments of the Japan Festival 2024 on the TOKYU Garden City Facebook page.

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SORA gardens I building, Lot C18, Hung Vuong Boulevard,
Hoa Phu ward, Thu Dau Mot city, Binh Duong Province, Viet Nam


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