Coach / Kawasaki Frontale

Nishi Ryota

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Coach / Kawasaki Frontale

Nishi Ryota

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The school was started with the goal of having players trained in Vietnam play for Frontale's top team in the future

About Kawasaki Frontale

I feel that it is a great club, homey in a good way. Due to the strength of the top team, there is also a sense of unity in the club. The club is community-based and holds events for the fans and supporters at every home game. In order to make the participants happy, even I, the school coach, was forced to play the role of "Boys Over Flowers" at the "Fan Appreciation Day". No, I was happy to do it (laughs).

Since I came to Kawasaki Frontale in 2017, we have happily won the title every year. The games of the top team are interesting and I learn a lot from the players' skills as a coach. In particular, I think the skills of stopping and kicking the ball are a good example for Japanese children.

What kind of activities are you involved in in Vietnam?

We started our activities in Vietnam in 2014 after the Tokyu Binh Duong Garden City Cup 2013, which was organized by BECAMEX TOKYU in 2013.

We have been conducting activities all over the country, including sending instructors to local children and soccer clubs, holding soccer classes at Japanese schools in Ho Chi Minh City, visiting orphanages, and organizing the Vietnam-Japan International Youth Cup U13 which started in 2018. What I personally felt there was that "the ability of Vietnamese children is not low”. They are especially agile, and if they are equipped with skills, I can’t help looking forward to their exciting future.

Introduction of Soccer School

Kawasaki Frontale is open to male and female children between the ages of 5 and 12 who live in the vicinity of Binh Duong New City. The classes are organized by age group, and each class has two coaches to create an environment where the children can grow more.

We also hope to provide a nurturing place where children can learn social skills, such as the fun of soccer, techniques and principles, as well as greetings before and after school, cleaning up equipment, cooperating with peers, and being grateful for the opportunity to attend soccer school.

This is a story from Japan, but when one of the children in my kindergarten class first entered the school, he would make a mess of the equipment on display or lie down and not clean up. However, after a few months, he started to work hard and I could see his growth as he took the initiative to clean up the equipment.

Thoughts on the school and future goals

From 2022 onwards, we plan to offer classes for ages 13 and up, a school for adults, and if the number of students increases, we plan to establish a selection class. The selection class will be a place to develop higher-quality players. We hope that in a few years, graduates of the school will join the academies of soccer clubs in Vietnam.

Personally, my goal is to see the players I have trained in Vietnam play for Frontale's top team in the future. I am also excited to think that players from Vietnamese schools will become the Vietnamese national team, and players from Frontale schools and academies in Japan will become the Japanese national team, and "Vietnam and Japan will play each other in international matches”.

In the future, I would like to expand the school to other cities in Binh Duong, Ho Chi Minh City, and other areas besides Binh Duong New City. I would like to take the time to nurture the school for the next 10 to 15 years.

You are currently living in SORA gardens. What do you value in a living environment, and what are your impressions of living in th New City?

Since I have a family and children, I am very concerned about education and hospitals. Before living here, I was a little worried about the environment, but it is easy to live here because I can complete almost everything near "SORA gardens". There is also a beautiful and well-equipped gym in the apartment, which I use about three times a week. I am working on my body every day so that I can be a good example for the children.

What are your favorite spots and attractions in Binh Duong New City?

The charm of the city for me is that it is quiet and calm. There is little traffic and I always feel comfortable walking around the new city.

There is a Japanese restaurant, Wakaba, which has been very helpful for our meals. It is really nice to be able to eat sashimi and grilled fish in the New City. It is one of the places where I can feel at ease as a lover of Japanese food. There is also Hikari in the neighborhood with several restaurants, where you can eat Chinese and Vietnamese food. All I can think about nowadays is eating (laughs).

What to Expect from Binh Duong New City

I want the city to be a comfortable place to live for everyone from small children to the elderly.

In Japan, I lived along the Tokyu Oimachi Line for a long time and used TOKYU trains for my daily commute. On weekends, I would go to Futako Tamagawa Rise with my family to shop, eat, and watch movies, and it became a part of my life. I heard that a shopping center will be built in Binh Duong New City in 2023. I can imagine that TOKYU 's urban development will make my life even easier and more fulfilling, and I am really looking forward to it.

I hope that Kawasaki Frontale will be able to establish its position as one of the sites for children's sports and education.

Ryota Nishi

Birth year: 1985
Birth place: Tokyo, Japan

He started playing soccer in the first grade, and spent his school days absorbed in the sport.
After graduating from a soccer school, he worked at a job unrelated to soccer, but with a strong passion for the sport, he started coaching at a local youth team, using the coaching license he obtained as a student.
Later, he moved to Albirex Niigata to make a living as a coach, and became a professional coach.
He has been working for Kawasaki Frontale since 2017, and has been working with BECAMEX TOKYU in Binh Duong Province since May 2021, at his own request.

Written by Sketch Co., Ltd.,Photo by Phạm Xuân Phước

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