Artisan Bakery Owner

Wang Peng

Artisan Bakery Owner

Wang Peng

From daily life to important anniversaries, We will grow together with the city, By delivering deliciousness and health to the community

About Artisan Bakery

It features an extensive menu. With more than 100 types of cakes, sandwiches, breads, and other items on the menu, you can always find something new to taste.

We are proud of the taste and quality of our products. For example, we use carefully selected imported wheat flour, and we insist on using dairy cream instead of margarine. Many bakeries in Vietnam often use plant-based cream, which is inexpensive and unhealthy, but we choose dairy cream, which is tasty and healthier. It is difficult to preserve the product for a long time, however we make our bread once a day so we can provide a tastier and healthier product for our customers.

What made you decide to open a store in Binh Duong New City?

In addition to being interested in baking bread from before, eating flour product has been essential part of my life since I lived in the U.S for a long time.

There are many high quality bakeries in Saigon, but very few in Binh Duong Province. My family and friends always talk about how hard it is to find delicious cake and bread in Binh Duong Province. So we decided to open a store around January 2021.

In the preparations for the opening of the store, we consulted with BECAMEX TOKYU on various matters, from finding a partner who owns an artisan bakery in Ho Chi Minh City, selecting a store property, differentiation policy, and arranging equipment. There was a lot of work involved, and I am grateful to them for being so helpful and supportive. We were really lucky to work with a professional and passionate team (laughs).

The clientele that visit and how they enjoy the store

In addition to Vietnam, our customers come from Japan, China, Taiwan, Korea, the United States, Europe, Thailand, the Philippines, India, and many other countries. However, about half of them are from Vietnam. They range from children to adults, and they have a wide variety of jobs such as university professors to factory professionals.

For everyday use, we have a cozy space where you can enjoy a drink and a sandwich inside or take it home. For birthdays, anniversaries, and other events, you can also order a custom-made cake. We also offer wedding cakes, so please feel free to visit us for a variety of occasions, and we hope to contribute to the community of this city.

Please tell us about the food life and food environment in Binh Duong New City.

When I first moved here, there were not many options for restaurants or grocery stores. However, every year more and more restaurants open up, and as a resident, I am happy to see more choices. Nowadays, we can enjoy a variety of cuisines from different countries and genres in the new city, and I believe the city is developing at a very fast pace.

What are your impressions of living in the New City?

Before moving to the New City, I was living in Thu Dau Mot, an old city in Binh Duong Province. But now I am really enjoying my life in the New City. I don't like crowded cities, I like cities with spacious houses, big roads and good infrastructure. I also like sports such as tennis, soccer and golf, so it is very convenient to have all these facilities within a few minutes driving distance.

I think it is a good environment for children as well. There is plenty of space to play and run, and educational services such as tennis and soccer schools are available. Compared to Thu Dau Mot, I feel that this city is more child-friendly and a better place to grow up.

What are your favorite spots and attractions in Binh Duong New City?

As I mentioned earlier, it is a place with spacious roads, excellent infrastructure, spacious and large houses, and sports centers and restaurants. There is an "ease of living" that suits my lifestyle.

I often go to "Hikari" as my favorite place. The food at the various restaurants is appealing, but my favorite part is the swing set. My daughter loves the swings. When we visit as a family, I enjoy eating and walking, and my daughter enjoys the swings.

What to expect from the new city

It would be nice to have more entertainment facilities and stores. For example, a water park, a shopping mall, and an amusement park would be fun for the children.

The city is still under development, so there are many opportunities for it to become a more valuable place in the future. It has generous government support, well-developed infrastructure, and large Japanese companies like TOKYU are working together to build it.... I believe that the new city is truly unique and has infinite potential, not only in Binh Duong Province but also in comparison to other cities in southern Vietnam.

When I first opened the bakery, the goal that my wife and I built was to contribute to the local community. As a business owner, I want to make the city a better place. By providing value-added services, I want us to grow together with the city.

Wang Peng

Birth year: 1988
Birth place: Beijing China

He spent more than a decade in the U.S., starting at age 15, and worked in the medical field after returning to China.
In 2017, he moved to Vietnam with his wife and son to help his family run a garment factory.
However, business slowed down due to the impact of the COVID-19 disaster that spread in 2020. In his free time, he devoted himself to baking bread and cakes. In order to turn his passion into a career, he joined the Artisan Bakery. In January 2021, he opened a store in Binh Duong New City.

Written by Sketch Co., Ltd.,Photo by Phạm Xuân Phước

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SORA gardens I building, Lot C18, Hung Vuong Boulevard,
Hoa Phu ward, Thu Dau Mot city, Binh Duong Province, Viet Nam


Wang Peng